AYSM; cheating in a fishing contest????

Some fools will do anything to win, But IN A FISHING CONTEST, that really takes the cake or should I say takes the filet!!!

Cheating scandal at Cleveland fishing tournament rocks sport

https://www.dispatch.com › sports › outdoors › 2022/10/09

1 day ago — Jacob Runyan and Chase Cominsky face possible criminal charges after the team was accused of cheating in a Cleveland walleye fishing …

Fishing Contest Rocked by Cheating Charges After Weights …

https://www.nytimes.com › 2022/10/02 › fishing-tournam…

Oct 2, 2022 — Two competitors stuffed walleye with lead balls in a scheme that was caught after the tournament director and attendees grew suspicious.


You wanna talk about being a sore loser. These 2 anglers from Cleveland we’re absolutely desperate to win the fishing contest so they resorted to cheating. Cheating in a fishing contest, AYSM!!! It can’t get much more embarrassing than this.

Cleveland OH, best known for the Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland Guardians (another Fi-n joke), the city where the lake caught on fire, the mistake on the lake, the home of the Goombba Gazette, now the Iindelible stigma of having the world’s first cheaters in a fishing contest YGBSM!!!  WOWWWWWW

I have to bet when Runyan and Cominsky’s kids go to school, they really are gonna take a verbal beating over the fact that their fathers were so desperate and deceitful  that they cheated in a fishing contest by pulling weights into the fish to make them heavier. HOLY FISH SHIT #####

On top of it, the two cheaters may be penalized with jail time and fines for their backdoor actions.

I can think of many other things I would rather be remembered by, such as a womanizer, a card game cheat, a petty thief, a bully, or just about anything other than a fish contest cheater.


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