Changed world, not for the better ….

Florida high school student accused of body slamming police officer during fight

I just love the way the news media tries to camouflage or minimize the actions of criminals. In this situation, it says that this 14-year-old thug is accused of body-slamming a cop. WTF are they blind and stupid too?? The video clearly shows the thug grabbing the cup around the waist, picking him up off of his feet, and slamming him to the sidewalk. Now maybe I’m a little dense, but does that fall in the category of accused or a deliberate act. Maybe I’m missing the boat

Look what daddy got me for my 2nd birthday

The criminal element of thugs is getting younger and younger. The thug in this situation happened to be fourteen years old.  He must have been indoctrinated on how to hate the cops the moment his head was pulled from that warm and cozy place he was hiding for eight months. Possibly the thug was pulled out by his feet and then dropped on the operating room floor. That may account for why the kid is this psycho as he is today. 14 years old and body-slamming a cop; if nothing else his stupidity far exceeds criminal mentality.

If I was a betting man I will put a bundle on this kid being part of the prison system at a very young age. I would like to see the history of his role models, and possibly understand why he so F-in nuts.

Being a cop used to be a prestigious job that people looked up to for protection, They were respected by the community, 95% of them joined the force to make a difference in law and order, most of them being admired and respected by all the citizens.

Today in this disgraceful, out-of-control different world we live in, the cops are spit on, beat up, set on fire, disrespected, killed, and abused in every way possible. So tell me, what is the upside to being an enforcer of the law??

Grant you there have been many many occasions where some rogue cops got out of line and misused their authority to the hilt. Many of them were held accountable for their actions, but many slid under the cracks. I think that is changing somewhat and the authorities are starting to hold the despicable rogue cops responsible for their actions. that is a good thing.

I am still of the opinion; something I said years ago; if the cops were to police the cops, It would help immensely the out-of-control conditions that we have today.

After all, a criminal is a criminal whether they are dressed in a $10,000 suit, look like a bum walking down the street or if they’re dressed in the blue uniform and carry a badge. It should be the good cops’ responsibility to make sure they have no lawbreakers in their ranks. Like everything else in this out-of-control world, that probably is only a pipe dream.

If people are satisfied with status quo and don’t want to see a change in law and order; STF up and quit complaining. If they do want to see a change, they have to band together and make it happen.

At the same time, if these communities want to put the racial fires out, help reduce the crime rate, all of the good citizens have to band together and lend a helping hand to prevent their people from criminal activities. It has to be a two-way street, if we only have one side pulling in their direction, it will never work. We all have to pull together

Sad to say; I bet this kid that body-slammed the cop is a hero among his peers.

MORE NEWS: Florida mom accused of threatening to blow up school, telling principal ‘I will punch you’

I bet this crazy Bitch bought all of her kids a case of hand-grenades for their birthdays.

What have I been preaching for years, people are products of their environment. If you sleep with a dog you will most certainly get fleas – if you live with a cripple it won’t be long before you start limping. Kids learn by example.

This is one video I will never forget.

The reason this dutiful mother took the action she did is because she loves her son and does not want him to be involved in a criminal element. If we had more people dedicated to their family as this lady; we would have a lot less problems in this country. My hat is off to her. I have always admired her for doing the right thing. She should be an example out there to all the other parents of all races and how to control their kids. Kids do need to be controlled regardless of what some wacko psychologist have to say about raising kids

My deepest respect Madame

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