They even give the word animals a bad name……

NYPD IDs 4 members of gang as subway attack suspects dressed in neon green bodysuits, all have rap sheets

All four women live in the same New York City housing project and have criminal histories, the NYPD said Friday

They are supposed to be civilized people. GMAGFB!!! They even give the word animals a bad name.

What possible reason can they have for pulling off stunts like this except they are insane, racist thugs.??

Did their mothers quit nursing them too early in their life, did the teacher make them stand in the corner because they were disrupting the class, did they get caught stealing in 5 and 10, was there old man thrown in jail for criminal activity and they are blaming society?? Whatever their feeble reason for their logic is, committing crimes like this/beating innocent people, it absolutely makes no sense.

New York City police released images of four woman who were allegedly part of a group of suspects wearing neon-green bodysuits while attacking two women on a subway train.

What if one of their victims had a gun and shot them, I would say that they were completely justified. A person can die from a beating as well as they can from a weapon. BUTT as we all know, the bleeding hearts that write the laws have a lot of boards loose in their attic. I would like to see the lawmakers in these lawless cities become the victims themselves. Possibly they may develop a different attitude.

If anyone knows what rock these scumbags are hiding under, please notify the police, that is if there are any cops left to report to.

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