No high-end stores at the boarder …

What is the matter Carm, no Louis Vuitton or other high-end stores at the border??

I know she isn’t, but this token broad should be ashamed to take her paycheck. In reality; we can say she’s stealing from the country and should be locked up for theft.

I think the following list of adjectives just about covers her effervescent personality

negligence – neglect – neglectfulnes – delinquency – failure – nonperformance – carelessnes – remissnes – lack of car – laxit- laxnes – sloppines – slacknes – irresponsibility – oversight – omission – misconduc- unprofessionalism – slip-up

I would really like to add entitlement to that list of dishonor. There was no doubt in my mind Carm thinks she has earned her stripes.  GMAFB!!! I just may start calling her Zebra.

I said jewelry store, not a tool store – Don’t you know who I’ am???
I used the 12-day deodorant pad 6 days ago, it still should be good

It’s not that I don’t like the lady because I’m a racist or a misogynist, I don’t like her because she is the vice president of the United States and is about as useful as zebra in the wild that can’t find a shopping mall.

When she was sworn in, she took an oath to protect and serve the United States, just like her boss Kamikaze Joe did. Neither one of them have even scratched the surface in the true performance of their jobs.

Car-mella being the vice president is just a gigantic ego boost for this broad. She loves the accolades, she loves the attention, she loves all of the perks that go with the job, BUTT she does not like to get into the galley and scrub the pots and pans. Like Leona Helmsley once said so eloquently; those things only apply to the little people, Or some other facsimile.

If she had the interest of the United States at heart; the first thing on her agenda should be getting the border situation straightened out that is absolutely destroying this country. SDGAF.

But she and her constituents do not see it like that. When asked, they say; all is calm on the Western Front.

Does this look like there is not a problem with boarder crossings???? This is just one location of dozens.

The best part is; when she was given an assignment by her boss, many times she told him to FUCK-OFF, she will do things that her own pace.

Car-mella is the typical politician. When there are awards and accolades to be handed out, you cannot keep them away from in front of the camera or the spotlight. When there are critical situations that need immediate attention, they are hiding under the bed.

I hope I am invisible

And I foolishly thought that the biggest criminals in this country were behind bars.

No one but no one will be able to budge/control this lady. She is going do what she wants, when she wants and heaven forbid she ever has the top seat; this country would really be doomed.

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