Can’t wait to hear the bullshit story/excuse on this one ….

Unaccompanied minors flown from border to small NY town: ‘Never seen anything like this before’

Officials express alarm on ‘Fox & Friends First’ as Biden admin relocates migrants

Cold-hearted, callous, deceitful, backstabbing, conniving, clandestine MOTHERS and irresponsible may cover only a tiny portion of the labels that can be put on this administration. F-in outrageous has a place in that list of dishonorable mention.

I am anxious to see what kind of bullshit story they could come up with to cover their ass as to who authorized this move.

Naturally, according to the spokes fool flunky of K J’s, it is a giant mixed up and always the other guy’s fault. Just axe K J token mouth-piece Buckwheat, she will set the story straight.

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