Cousins of a feather lie together ……

Biden White House effort to spin ‘Where’s Jackie’ gaffe raises media eyebrows: ‘People were taken aback’

White House reporter says Biden aides dodge mental acuity issues: ‘Appear clueless or even offended when you ask about it’

CluelessOffended, they should be for time after time after time being told to lie through their rotted teeth to cover-up for Kamakazi Joe’s blunders. It has gone way past accidental errors.

It is insulting to the public intelligence for these fools to believe we buy into their lies. Wanna buy a nice 1,200.00$ Rolex watch for 15.00$?? I just found two cases of them laying on the sidewalk. I’ll take 25.00$ for 2 of them.

This Buckwheat look-alike should be downright ashamed of herself assuming the public is gullible as she thinks they are. The most pathetic fact, she is not even good liar.

Could be distant cousins

Who MEEEE – My Ma Ma told me never to lie

I can bet somewhere down the road when some of these bullshitting spokespeople for the PP (Pathetic President) are separated from Kamikaze Joe, there will be some humdinger tell-all books written on the circus performance of the Biden administration. It is almost laughable that they are so bold and brazen with their fabracations.

It really never bothered me when someone lies to me, the world is full of bullshitters and very easy to see through. I just considered a source and laugh at them. What really bothers me, they think I am that F-in stupid to believe them.

Round and round the deplorable Biden administration goes, where they will stop nobody knows.

In the meantime, the Biden administration is giving The United States a huge black eye, making us look like a Chinese fire drill with everyone pointing the middle finger at the other side and running in different directions.

With unity there is strength and with dissension in the ranks, there is weakness.

It won’t be too far into the future, the Proverbial Pied Piper, will be coming from every direction to collect what is owed them, Now that is not BULLSHIT!!

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