Low grade- high grade – medium grade, WTF is the difference …..

Putin ally recommends Russia use low-yield nuclear weapons in Ukraine

Ramzan Kadyrov said he believes ‘more drastic measures’ should be taken in Ukraine

Low grade- high grade – medium grade; they all are nuclear weapons.

Just the thought of using such a weapon is totally insane and barbaric. Not only the mass destruction from the initial attack, but the long-lasting after-effects of the fallout of using such a weapon are catastrophic.

Anyone that would even consider taking such a drastic step is a total psychotic.

That is all Putin needs encouragement from some other mentally deranged lunatic. Putin is dangerous enough on his own let alone having a bedfellow that is just as crazy or crazier than he is.

In a post shared on Telegram, Kadyrov said he believes “more drastic measures should be taken, right up to the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons.

How is it even possible that monsters like this were born?? Pure evil. The religious fanatics talk about a supreme being that has control over ALL. They are doing a pretty good job of hiding out.

What a hell of a dangerous combination these two are. They make Hitler and Mussolini look like Campfire Girls.

There is a very old saying;  all is fair in love and war. At the time that cliche was born by John Lyly in 1579, no such monster as a nuclear bomb existed. All is not fair in love and war especially when the existence of mankind is put on the line.

I have said it so many times through the years; mankind is out to destroy itself, and this may be a precursor to it

It will not be just a matter of Russia dropping barrage of nuclear weapons on the Ukraine and that will be the end of it, it will be the aftermath of other countries retaliating, (as they should) that will cause the real devastation. Not a very pretty picture.

What would be the smart/wise thing for a person to do if some madman called him and told him he would be over his house in 15 minutes to kill him and his family, knowing absolutely the nutcase was not bluffing?? My answer to that, go after him first. You put together the rest of the story.

Will Putin take the madman’s advice?? I am leaning toward a big YES. That is all that psycho needs is more encouragement from another psycho just like him.

The USA better get united; when the shit hits the fan, it must be all hands on deck.

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