The picture of stupidity. What is under that gray mop???

MEMPHIS, Tenn. – Memphis’ new district attorney is pushing forward with bail reform to “level out the playing field” despite critics blaming progressive policies for increasing crime. 

I don’t know what the problem is folks; every time I hit myself in the head with a sledgehammer it hurts like a son of a bitch but I keep doing it.

“This will level the playing field so it’s no longer two justice systems,” Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy told Fox News. “People that have money get bailed out; people that don’t have money languish behind bars,” 

Did it ever occurred to the Ding Dong DA that they should start pushing crime prevention programs instead of rewarding the criminals by allowing them to roam the streets freely knowing that their chances of being incarcerated lesson dramatically because of the fools that are supporting the No bail policy some cities have.

They absolutely have to be in bed with the bincomepoops (commonly known as shit heads) that support the de-fund the cops initiative. Nothing but a group of mindless stoned-out imbicilles.

A short while ago I read of one of No-bail policy criminal benefactor joking about committing 3 crimes in one day, After each offense he was allowed to walk.

The last time they arrested this 2 bit crook, that day, this career criminal had to be admitted to the hospital because he ruptured his guts laughing so hard at the stupidity of the system.
Take a good guess; yes he is back out there doing what he does best, stealing, breaking the law, getting arrested and walking free. And they say that bad behavior should not be rewarded. Somebody missed that part of their basic training.

Law and order has become a joke/sham to the criminals and thugs out there. I can’t really say I blame them. Little to no punishment; so WHY NOT.

I guess we can really tell the degree of ignorance in a person when they are staring directly in the face of their nemesis, continue to hit themselves in the head with a sledge-hammer but do not have sense enough to stop. Pure stupidity that unfortunately the common citizen has to be a victim of because they have no control over law enforcement.

As I said many times; the best solution to this problem is to have the lawmakers become a victim of their own ridiculous policies.

tanti auguri stupidi

And once again doctor Phil McGraw would ask; how is what you were doing so far working out for you.

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