So you like the defunding the cops ……

Dozens seen ransacking Philadelphia Wawa store, throwing food

The Philadelphia Police Department is investigating the Wawa incident

They called them people, I call them savages with nothing better to do with their pathetic lives than destroy others’ property. Of all things, a grocery store that is a corner-stone and a big part of any community.

This country is in dire straits; let’s call it a catch 22 situation. If an offer of a job was given to the people, they do not want to work. If you chastise them because they are constantly creating problems because of the lack of ambition, one of their primary excuses is, they don’t have a job to keep them busy.

What is the answer to this horrible dilemma this country is experiencing?? It has taken so many years of the government supporting by handing out freebies/social services literally destroying any normal way of life or responsibility for these people to create for themselves, The conditions are probably is way past the tipping point. The way I see it, it doesn’t look like any-time soon, if ever, the USA will be back to where it used to be.

What a great example these people are setting for their kids. Most usually, when a person sleeps with a dog they get fleas and when they live with a crippled they start limping.

Hold on to your sombrero; this is the tip of the icepick. Next comes the looting and burning.

ON A MUCH GRANDER SCALE: Setting bad examples have no socio or financial boundaries.

One more example: if your old is a bum, chances are excellent we will following his foot steps

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