Another words, real men not need apply – WTFIGO …..

Air Force Academy promotes fellowship that bans ‘cisgender’ men: ‘This program isn’t for you’

Eligible applicants must be cisgender women, transgender women, non-binary, agender, bigender, two-spirit, demigender, genderfluid or genderqueer

What in the name of common sense have these psycho-mothers come up with a proposition or ruling like that??

Whenever I think some people in authority can’t get any more stupid or ridiculous than they are, they surprise me again.

What are they going to start teaching these people to use as weapons in combat, Tampax, dildos, vibrators and other feminine products??

It may be just a rumor, I heard that the Air Force is going to start a special unit called the Pussy Force so they can attract more recruits.

I would like to know what the big problem is keeping the United States Air Force as status quo?? If the tire is not flat it does not need to be changed. It is even hard to imagine what their end game is. I really don’t know if they know.

The function of all military organizations is to instruct their rank and file in methods of protecting the United States and keeping it safe, not to try to pacify any liberal outside organizations that try to revolutionize or change their methodology. For all the fuckin  dummies information, this is why it is called the military.

As I said in my post yesterday; this is just another step or phase into bringing The United States to its knees.

Sad to say there are not many people like me that are willing to speak their minds in an effort to help salvage this country. The way I look at it, with all of the incidents and conditions that are growing bigger and bigger, I do not see much hope for this country’s future.

Not only do we have our foreign enemies to be gravely concerned with, but our greatest enemies might even be within. Look at what we have for a stumblebum president and everybody connected with him. If that is not proof enough I don’t know what it is.

I haven’t hit on this one for awhile.


Whenever these fools get the urge to lie and sling their bullshit, I would like to see them deny that this little admission exists.

Deceit, lies, theft, and corruption at our highest of levels in government. The damning information is all on the computer that the brat kid dropped off at a pawn shop and forgot what he did with it during one of his stupors of being high on drugs and booze. As of yet, no one has the balls to touch it. Now that is absolute power

Heaven help us, we sure are not getting any support down here.

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