TMC and the Phony preachers ….


“Obama’s compound alone – if cots, trailers and tents are installed – could easily house several thousand illegal migrants,” former Trump adviser Stephen Miller tweeted. “Americans, during actual natural disasters (not illegal immigration for economic benefit) have been forced to sleep in stadiums and makeshift FEMA shelters.”

I would love to see TMC prove me wrong and set up a campground for a few thousand refugees on his enormous property.

James Taylor, David Letterman, and Spike Lee also own property in Martha’s Vineyard. They all talked the talk, now let us see them walk the walk and come up shooting when their ass is on the line.

I will give this one a gigantic AYSM!!!

There could not be a better time for these two-bit celebrities to stand up and show their balls. Put their property where their mouth is. Let us wait and see just how much of a true believer all these people are.

I would probably throw in the recommendation, all of these so-called celebs are financially well off enough that they could feed these people. Don’t hold your breath on either count.

As soon as the shit hits the fan in their backyards, they hide for cover under a bed like a small kid would be playing hide and go seek.

Go away – go away – I can not see you

There is a very big comparison that can be made between TMC and Joel the phony preacher. As long as it does not involve them, or inconvenience their lifestyle, they are perfectly happy letting their fellow man get shit on.

Yeah, I am the biggest asshole on the planet

Joel shut the doors and locked them on his cathedral when Hurricane Harvey hit. He would not let any of the victims in for fear of damaging the interior. Much later on, after the fact and loads of backlash, when he was forced to, he made a very small attempt to cover up his greed and lack of charity by relenting.

Isn’t that what all good Christian preachers would do???

My disdain for people like this is totally off the charts. They are much worse than the criminal thugs that sticks up people with a gun; they are doing it in the name of God and making a total mockery out of all religions. Lately; Christianity does not need any help looking bad!

Possibly the governors that are shipping illegal immigrants all around the country should send a few 100 busloads to these hustling evangelists to see where their heart and wallets are when the chips were down.

Talk about sinners – these degenerates top the chart

Prove me wrong!!

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