Your honoress – the dam is getting ready to explode …..

NYC mayor says migrant issue is a ‘humanitarian crisis’ requiring ‘all-hands-on-deck’ coordination from the US

They all created Frankenstein but now I have no idea how to control him

“We should be clear that this is, as I’ve stated, a humanitarian crisis created by human hands. And it is an all-hands-on-deck moment. When we’re all supposed to come together and coordinate. Coordination during a crisis is something that we must do together. That’s the federal government, that is also the governor of the state of Texas, as well as the governor of the state of Florida,” Adams, a Democrat, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on “State of the Union.”

“We should not be really treating other cities and municipalities in the manner that we’re witnessing now,” he added.

The answer is staring these fools right in the face but they do want to acknowledge it. SHUT THE GATES.

What should a person with an eating disorder do when they are getting ready to explode from gorging themself?? Stop eating so much. What should an alcoholic do when his drinking is out of control?? Stop drinking. What should a drug user do when their drug habit is destroying their life?? Stop using drugs. I could go on for hours.

Like our progressive socio-democratic, the answers are staring them right in the face but they are too stubborn, ignorant, and belligerent to do anything about it. They are afraid to say they are wrong.

I can complain about a bad habit 24 hours a day, but if I have the answer but not willing to correct the situation, all I am doing is pissing up a rope.

It is just so hard to fathom, that our supposedly intelligent leaders in the country have opened Pandora’s box but do not have a solution on how to close it. The solution is there, they just do not want to acknowledge it for fear of saying they were wrong.

Every day they dragged their feet and continue not to address the calamity correctly the conditions are only getting worse and worse and probably at this point beyond reversal. Do they really see the damage they are inflicting on the country??

The only logical answer to the question has to be; ABSOLUTELY.

This is all part of their major scheme to take over the country but possibly never expecting it to blow out of proportion as it has.

What is the wise thing to do if the people living in a valley below the dam notice that the damn has sprung a leak, getting worse by the day?? If they are smart enough, they will repair it before the entire damn erupts and destroys everything in it’s path.

I would say this is approximately where the USA stands today.

I hope that my basically, simple examples resonate with some of these idiots. The dam is getting ready to burst and all they are doing is denying the leak exists.

If you were to ask Car-mella about the trickle coming out of the wall of the dam, she would claim she has it under control.


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