Typical Car-mella …..

THE HARRIS SOLUTION: Make them all citizens; WOWWWWWWWW!

When asked by Vice what the “solution” to the migrant crisis is, Harris mentioned nothing about border security. Instead, she blamed former President Donald Trump, saying his administration “decimated” the immigration system. “So we have been spending in the last 18 months an incredible amount of time and work and resources to reconstruct that system,” she said.

Harris indicated that a bill providing a pathway to citizenship for those in the country illegally would also be part of the solution, as well as billions to help migrants stay in their home countries.

The only solution the USA ever can come up with, buying their way away around the world.

Brillant; paying the people to stay out of the country. Another example of just how stupid our leaders could be. The USA is up to its neck in alligators financially, now they are considering paying people not to come to the country. How much is it worth to them; 100,000 250,000 1/2 a million each?? I will guarantee you, they will happily snap up the dead presidents and still be at the border give the next morning trying to get in.

Does this nit-wit realize, it is not the fact of whether these people are citizens or not; the fact of the matter is, the sheer number of illegals invading this country is like a title wave, getting more powerful and stronger every day, overwhelming the cities and towns they are being shipped to.

I would not expect anything less coming out of Car-mella’s flytrap. She and her constituents continually are trying to pacify (bullshit) the American people by saying that they are diligently working on the problem and trying to solve it. There is one answer now and one answer only. It takes all of 30 seconds: SHUT THE GATES!!

Carm; I have to say without reservations; you are absolutely pathetic. If nothing else, you are doing a stellar job of living up to your nickname THE TOKEN.


This entire scenario/position as being the VP of the USA is one gigantic joke to her.

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