First good news of the Ukraine war I’ve heard yet ….

CNN — 

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to have directly rebuffed Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, telling Russian President Vladimir Putin that now is not the time for war.

In what was the latest in a series of setbacks for the Russian leader, Modi told him of the need to “move onto a path of peace” and reminded him of the importance of “democracy, diplomacy and dialogue”.

The comments from Modi came during a face-to-face meeting on Friday, on the sidelines of a regional summit, and highlighted Russia’s increasing isolation on the diplomatic stage. They came just a day after Putin conceded that China, too, had “questions and concerns” over the invasion.

You can be sure that Putin did not take this stand from India’s Prime Minister with any degree of jubilance.

I’m willing to bet that Putin thought that he would get much more support from other world leaders with his illegal invasion of Ukraine.

It is refreshing and hopeful to see that there are some humane/sensible people leading countries instead of, like the monster that Putin turned into,

What makes this news even more promising; China has taken a similar stance as India has. Something I am sure that Putin never expected out of Charlie Chan. In all sincerity, I don’t know if any of them can be trusted.

This revelation from India will shed an entirely different light on Putin’s involvement and possible future plans. I’m sure initially he thought he would have more support from China. Now it seems to be his only ally is North Korea. A very dangerous duo.

This could change day by day.

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