Most ridiculous observation of the decade ….

Is Biden a uniter or divider? Americans in Pennsylvania and Oregon weigh in

Americans were mixed as to whether Biden has more so united or divided the country


Been living under a rock, been secluded in a cave for about 5 years, do you have your head where the sun doesn’t shine?? This may be the case in all of the above.

Been to the gas pumps lately, been to the grocery store lately, been out to eat lately, been out clothing shopping lately, been to the southern border lately?? I cannot think of 1 scenario where the cost of living has not skyrocketed due to the incompetence leadership and anti-American unexplainable decisions that Kamakazi Joe and his crew have made in the last couple years. Yet we have a fair amount of people/fools that believe that Kamikaze Joe he’s doing a good job. YGBSM!!

Kamikaze Joe never shed a tear for all of the people that died under his watch because of his incompetent decision making, but the tears come very easy when TMC is hanging a medal around his neck.

The highest medal that can be awarded to American citizen, makes me want to regurgitate.

What the hell are these hermit fools looking at. These have to be the same fools who at the age of 50 years old are still looking under their pillow for what the tooth fairy left them, still leaving out cookies and milk Christmas Eve for Santa, still looking in the front bushes on Easter Sunday for Easter eggs and still think that Madonna and Kim Kardashian are virgins!!

Jesus Christ people, we are not trying to put the blame on somebody for something that they didn’t do; all we want as American citizens is for the people we elected to do what they were elected for, for the betterment of the country and for them to be responsible and accountable for what they do. Is that too much to ask. Isn’t that what elected officials are supposed to be all about??

All the above mentioned people need to get your head out of their ass, smell the napalm and let our elected officials know exactly what we think of their incompetent governing. They are just like spoiled little brats; if we do not show them our displeasure with their poor behavior, they will continue to act very infantile, and very irresponsible.

Denial is an extremely dangerous bad habit. Acknowledge things as they truly are and expect our leaders to do what is best for all the citizens in this country

You can mark my words, there are much rougher times ahead (possibility of war) for the American people on our soil and unless we all pull together in the same direction this country will definitely fall apart. It has already shown signs of going down the tubes. Ever hear of China – North Korea – Russia and the rest of our adversaries around the world?? They are salivating just waiting to drop the big one on us

While they are gearing up for war, our inner struggles in the United States are tearing us apart. Strength is in unity.

Let’s face it folks; Joe Biden is a bum, always was a bum, and will continue to be a bum. It is in his DNA and blood. The fools that support him are just as bad.

I asked a couple months ago for someone to show me at least one or two positive things he’s done since he’s been in office and I am still waiting.

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