Possibly more important than her kids …..

Pressure builds on Prince Harry as the people of Sussex petition to remove his and Meghan’s titles

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex when they wed in May 2018

Is the honeymoon over?? They do not look that happy to me

The title and the prestige are some of the significant reasons M M snatched up (play with words) Prince Harry. In my opinion, her status and titles mean more to her than all of the other accolades that came with the position. Stripping her of her title it’s going to be a gigantic blow to her ego.

I have to wonder; if Harry knew it was going to be such a bumpy road, would he still have walked down the aisle with this gold digger?? He certainly is paying a big price. That booty can’t be that good.

At one time Harry was one of the most sought-after bachelors in the world, yet with all of his choices at the buffet table of life, selected the used goods over the untarnished. He settled for someone with boatloads of baggage. Even Jerry Springer would not have approved of this match.

Such is life. A good old friend of mine once told me; that booty and poontang are the most powerful things in the world. He may have been right.

It has toppled the mightiest of empires, brought down the strongest of the strong, destroyed family relationships, and started massive wars that cost millions of lives. Now that is strong!!

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