Save your breath sheriff – just keep bussing ….

Texas sheriff sends message to Kamala Harris: ‘The border is wide open’

Roy Boyd responds on ‘Fox & Friends’ as Biden admin still claims border is secure

The token broad told her own boss repeatedly, supposedly the most powerful man in the country, to kiss her ass for 9 weeks before she ever responded to his request to make a showing at the border; and when she did it was only for show and tell.

Kamala Harris dismisses criticism for not visiting US border › 2021/06/08 › kamala-harris-dismis…

Jun 8, 2021 — Vice President Kamala Harris on Tuesday snapped at an interviewer when he pressed her on why she hasn’t visited the southern border in the …

Sherriff; you really don’t think that she is going to pay any attention to your demands. The only thing imbeciles like her and he boss understand is, to have them landing in her backyard and on her front lawn and disrupting her elegant. comfortable lifestyle.

Keep trucking them north sheriff. While you are at it, add about another dozen or more buses every day. I think they are starting to get the message.

My heart really bleeds for these people, at least the legitimate refugees, not for drug dealers, human traffickers, and criminals in the mix of humanity, but the cold hard facts are, that the USA cannot continually be the bank for the entire world. We have enough problems here in our own country, that if attended to it may take 50 years to straighten out. Charity begins at home.

It is the same old broken record I have been playing but the right people are not listening.

Bear in mind what I keep preaching; once you give something away you never get it back.

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