Black Karen ….. just what the country needs …..

Some of these fools are given powerful positions and definitely overstepped their bounds of authority. It is no secret where they come from and the root of their ideologies long before they get the appointment; so I can assume that the fools who put them in their position of power conquer with their philosophies.

In the statement this black Karen made; is she suggesting that black people are not racist?? In my opinion, some are 50 times more racist than some white people are. It is people like this black Karen who keep the racial fires stirred up.

I am a live and let-live person. I could care less what color a person’s skin is, religion, race or sexual preference they have as long as they behave, respect me and I’ll respect them. Not too hard is it; unless you happen to be a Kaen or Ken.

I have some personal black friends that are 10 times the people of some white scumbags I know. If you look hard enough, you can find a problem with anybody. Life is a matter of acceptance.

From my observation I see many white people cater two black more than black people cater to white.

The time is long past where ALL people should be treated as Individuals not what race or nationality they represent.

The whole thing in a nutshell; if everybody wanted to be honest, there are so many people out there on both sides of the fence who are opposed to racial equality, I don’t know if ever will be achieved. They want it all or nothing. That mindset is not very healthy, and I see we are going nowhere. They have no concept of what the word equality means.

People that want to continue to dwell on the past and continually open wounds are being counterproductive. Don’t forget the past, but use it as an example of what not to do in the future. That and EDUCATION are only a couple of the solutions to racial harmony.

Or; when there is an overwhelming amount of of this:

Straighten up Karen and smell the roses.

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