Bongino hit these peckerheads right between eyes …

DAN BONGINO: The first step in the march toward totalitarianism is discontent, folks. Inflation, wars, surging crime, the energy crisis. Voters are ripe for change. They’re right where a dictator wants them to be.

They want total dominance, and control by making all the citizens submissive who do not have the backbone or ambition to stick up for themselves and see the realities of life of how they are being used and abused with false promises.

Free – free – free – free; is all that the greedy, irresponsible, nonworking bums in this country can see before their eyes. They do not have the intelligence, common sense or willpower to look under the sheets and see what kind of deliberate corruption and mass damage the current administration is inflicting on this country.

These socio-dumbacrats are so corrupt and twisted in their heads, before the last election they wanted to pass a law that would allow 16-year-olds to vote. For one reason and one reason only. Here we go again with the golden pork chop, hanging it in front of the starving dog and never letting him take a bite out of it.

How do you think a 16-year-old is going to vote when one of the candidates is telling them that from here on out they have a free ride in life. We all know the answer to that. I’m glad it never got off the ground.

That just goes to show us that there is no end to the deviousness or corruption embedded in politics on both sides of the fence. All it amounts to, who can come up with the biggest lie and who can come up with the most preposterous bullshit story that will bring in a lot of votes. They all lie through their teeth.

Free – free – free – free; is all these freeloading citizens can’t see you in here. They are not smart enough to know and really don’t care that the money generated to run the government has to be through employment and people paying their own way; not like one of the abominations that Kamikaze Joe has put together with his paying off college loans. The man is insane. This is just one example of how they manipulate and con the hell out of the American public by hanging the golden pork chop in front of a starving dog, and never allowing him to take a bite out of it.

This is one of the primary reasons the United States is in such dire straits financially because of the social programs that have been used and abused by the American public for decades and the politicians that use them to buy their votes.

There has to be 10 generations and hundreds of thousands of people who have been living off the government all their life and never had a paying job. Why you ask?? Because government allows it.

Don’t misunderstand me, I do not give the Republicans the green light from the bullshit they sling at the American people. The fact of the matter is the Socio Democratic scum bags or just better at it right now.

I never really realized how corrupt the political system is. I don’t know which is worse, the Catholic Church or politicians in the United States,  they are both corrupted to the hilt.

I just cannot fathom how these scumbags get in front of a camera and lie their ass off knowing absolutely, positively but they cannot fulfill their promises. They have to be the most devious bastards on the planet.

One of the best examples I can think of. I did this a few days ago.

The Mantra of TMC and Kamikaze Joe; you lie and I’ll swear to it..

Posted on 09/07/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

BLOOD Brothers in deceit lies and deception.

The epitome of super liars, these same people that are supposed to protect and keep our country safe have to be the worst of the pack, only doing what they can to protect their comrades-in-arms and to advance themselves financially.

A picture tells a 1,000 words

Why Barack Obama warned of Joe Biden’s ‘ability to f**k … › world › us-politics › news-story

Dec 1, 2020 — Barack Obama voiced concerns about Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy and warned not to underestimate his ability to “fuck things up”. ANDDDD, has he done a stellar job of it.

In one breath TMC is saying he knew K J would fuck up, and then in the next breath, he is hanging the highest award around his neck that any American can be given. Hypocrisy or what. I’ll lie and you swear to it. The awarding of the medal must have been part of the agreement that Kamikaze Joe made when he agreed to put his neck on the chopping block

The only good-looking thing in this picture is the Marine standing in the background. These people military or otherwise that are assigned to work with the president and other politicians in DC, the ones that see the true person, and the real picture, their skin has to crawl with disgust to witness all of the corruption and the true personalities of these bums.

DAN BONGINO; keep up the good work, you are doing a great job.

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