Do a Judge Roy Bean on animals like this, hang them before the sun goes down …

The poor victim
The degenerate animal

Cleotha “the animal” Abston was a predator. He was an evil man. At a young age, Abston was arrested for, among many, many other things, stealing, aggravated assault weapons charges, carjacking and rape. In 2000, he was convicted of kidnapping a local attorney at gunpoint downtown and forcing him into the trunk of his own car. Crimes like that are now common in Memphis. Last year, the city reported more than 100 kidnappings, but like most lifelong criminals, Cleotha Abston was never fully punished for what he did. 

He was released years before the end of his prison sentence. It did not matter he was in any way sense reformed by his experience behind bars. Abston was well known in his apartment complex as of last week for his sexual aggression and his perversity. He terrified his neighbors, but no one from any part of the justice system seems to have intervened. 

Early last Friday morning, Eliza Fletcher and Cleotha Abston met for the first and last time.. As her husband and two young children slept at home, Eliza Fletcher went for an early morning run through her neighborhood. Cleotha Abston followed her, stalking her every move from a black SUV. According to the indictment, as Fletcher jogged by, Abston leaped out, beat her bloody, smashed her cell phone, then dragged her into his vehicle. Within an hour, Eliza Fletcher was dead. She’d been sexually assaulted and murdered. Police arrested Abston soon after based on surveillance video, but he refused to say what had happened to Eliza Fletcher, so her family waited in agony, but he didn’t care. He never spoke.  

Who should be responsible for this animal’s early release?? That is one of the biggest problems we have, no accountability. I have often said; the only way some of these liberal lawmakers will ever come to their senses (MAYBE) if they or one of their family are the victims of one of these bastards. Then maybe the commonsense light will come on in their miniscuel brains.

They have this animal dead to rights. He will go to court, plead not guilty under the guidance of his money-mongering ambulance chaser, eventually be found guilty after a lengthy trial costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, maybe get the death penalty (doubtful), sit on death row for 20 years and then probably get a pardon.

People; that is the American way. I’ve said it so many times; a person’s biggest asset (kindness and compassion) can be their biggest enemy. An eye for an eye is the only sort of justice these degenerates respect. But we have a bleeding heart society we live in that cannot stomach the violence.

I ask the bleeding hearts; what if the victim was their mother – sister – wife – girl friend; would they have a different mind-set?? If you have a better solution to help curb this violence, let me know.

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