One very tough customer to be admired ….

Queen Elizabeth under medical supervision: Royal family traveling to be by her side

Queen Elizabeth II has been placed under medical supervision after doctors became “concerned” for her health, Buckingham Palace announced Thursday. She is “resting comfortably” at Balmoral Castle in Scotland

Queen Elizabeth’s doctors “are concerned for Her Majesty’s health,” Buckingham Palace announced Thursday, adding that they recommended she stay under medical supervision.

“The Queen remains comfortable” at Balmoral Castle, the palace added. The queen, 96, celebrated her platinum jubilee earlier this year.

You can bet but they’re not so royal ass (the honeymooners) are you going to make them self totally available when that Ledger opens up to see what kind of pittance Her Majesty left those two ungrateful people.

I have always been of the opinion, it is not who visits you when you’re dead but who visits you when you’re alive.

How Queen Elizabeth II’s World War II Service Set the Tone for … › … › Buckingham Palace

Jun 4, 2022 — During World War II, the queen became the first female member of the royal family to become a full-time member of the armed services, …

I hold her in very high esteem and put her in the same bracket as Golda  Meir and Margaret Thatcher, to old war horses that were very patriotic, and serve their governments with exceptional dignity and honor in the post that they served.

When we have examples/role models like these two very dignified ladies running a government, and the success of leadership they demonstrated, I am totally in accord with the ladies occupying these positions.

What I am not agreeable with are tokens that are placed in certain positions just to make a quota and to appease the natives.

Go to the border – are you F-in nuts Joey

We can only fool some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all the time. Sooner or later it’s all going to come out in the wash and hopefully the offenders will have to be accountable for their criminal actions. BUTTTTT I doubt it.

If I were Harry and Meghan, I would call ahead to see if they have a seat at the side of the bed. Now is the time to play get back

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