Keep your eyes on the hogs and your fingers on the trigger ….

Russia is purchasing millions of rockets and artillery shells from North Korea, US official says


Published 10:39 AM EDT, Tue September 6, 2022

Having to deal with one psychopath is difficult enough let alone dealing with two. Putin has proven just how extremely dangerous he is as he has demonstrated in Ukraine and many the other locations he has decimated.  

This Sacrilegious marriage was made in hell

Russia buying weapons from North Korea for Ukraine war … › world › 2022/09/06

3 hours ago — Russia’s Defense Ministry is preparing to buy “millions of rockets and artillery shells” from North Korea as it runs low on weapons in …

Talk about a deadly duo. When crazy bastards like these two get together, there is no doubt in my mind they try to outdo one another, trying to impress the other as to just how Psychopathic and evil they are.

It is a real toss up as to who is more evil, The Kid or Putin. The Kid has demonstrated in so many ways, some of we are aware of and probably more unspeakable crimes to humanity that we don’t know of.  The unholy marriage and the dastardly afilleation formed by the two demons getting into bed with one another certainly increases the probability and dangers of possible WWIII.

There have been so many incidents of neglect in our government where people who are supposed to be guarding the chicken coop fall asleep at the wheel and allow certain catastrophes to happen. I hope that is not the case now

The only glue that is holding these potentially catastrophic conditions together is The United Nations, naturally spearheaded by the USA, working together to prevent these two Mad Men and others like them from going absolutely haywire.

In numbers there is strength. The more we stand together and work as a team, the more stability and strength will have. Together we stand, divided we fall.

Based on both of these fool’s MO (modus Operandi), I really believe, if their back is against the wall and they do not see any other avenue of escape, they definitely will hit the red button, possibly simultaneously.

All I can say at this point our world conditions do not look very promising. Making situations and conditions even worse and tenuous, we have a group of mentally invalid people running the United States. We should have competent strong leaders steering the ship, not tokens.

What the real clincher is, neither one of these these so-called world leaders have any regard for human life. They could lose 10 or 20 million people and not even blinking an eye. They have proved their brutal natures time and time again.

I am sure they were aware of the fact, but do not care, if nuclear war is ever starts, any areas that have been decimated by bombs; according to the experts is totally uninhabitable for 20,000 years. Would that this fact alone be enough to deterrent for them from hitting the red button?? That is a great question I don’t think anyone has the answer to accept The Kid and Putin.

How Long Will It Take For Ground Radiation To Break Down? On average, the response to when Chernobyl and, by extension, Pripyat, will be habitable again is about 20,000 years.

The Danger sign is ahead, better pay it some respect.

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