Accidents waiting to happen ….

India carnival ride plummets 50 feet, injuring multiple people – including children – in horrifying video

The high-rise swing malfunctioned at a fair in the north Indian city of Mohali

Higher, steeper, and faster, all dangerous conditions for accidents just waiting to happen.

Don’t go where you don’t belong, if something feels out of place or dangerous, it probably is. If we use good common sense in what we do in our life, we can live longer and healthier life. Putting our lives at risk for the sake of getting a thrill out of an amusement ride that go 150 miles an hour upside down, or dropping out of the air 100 feet like a pigeon taking a shit, that’s total foolishness and an accident waiting to happen.

How common are amusement park accidents? In 2019, there were an estimated 1,299 ride-related accidents resulting in injuries in amusement parks in the U.S. This is about 3.7 injuries per 1 million visitors in 2019. In 2016, there were 1,253 injuries among people who went on rides on fixed-ride amusement parks.Jun 18, 2021

Although the percentage numbers are very low, that is until you become one of the casualties of those numbers. If it looks stupid, if it looks dangerous, use your good common sense (if you have any) and on top of that, by all means, don’t go where you don’t belong!!

Do you think that the owners of amusement parks give two shits about the safety of the people?? Hell no; they will keep making them faster, higher and steeper as long as they can get the fools keep dishing out those $$$ to ride them.

If the label on the bottle clearly reads POISON, are you still gonna drink it?? I will answer my own question.

I guess to some total imbeciles, knowing the danger of a product or a piece of equipment will not deter them from getting their thrill and staying high. So if and when the time comes, if you happen to be one of the casualties, STFU and take what you got coming.

Remember; we are the captain of our own ships and should be in control of what course it takes

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