When the shoes are on the other LIGHTFOOT ….

Mayor Lori Lightfoot lashes out at Texas Gov. Abbott after 50 more migrants are bussed to Chicago

Lightfoot accused Abbott of using the illegal migrants as human pawns and said he is ‘manufacturing a human

As more migrants arrived in Chicago from Texas on Sunday and Democrat Mayor Lori Lightfoot once again slammed Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, saying he is using them as human pawns.

Those idiots who live in glass cities should not roll boulders. Pawn Lightfoot says?? All this has been since K J got into office is using the all the citizens as pawns to achieve his socio-democratic, nefarious goals, and this meathead LIGHTHEAD plays a very big role in it.

This is one scary looking beast. If I saw her coming down a dark alley, I would turn around and run the other way

It is the cities and the states that espouse to Kamikazes Joe unexplainable strategy of destroying the country by throwing open the border gates and allowing millions of illegal immigrants into the country, many are some of the worst criminals on the planet, and some of the others are infested with every kind of disease imaginable. They are not the cream of the crop from a foreign country, we are getting the lowest of the low in many cases.


That is the mantra of the do-gooders who are in bed with Kamikaze Joe.. Now that the bed is fully occupied and overflowing, not knowing where to house the other immigrants, Kamikaze Joe bed-fellows do not like the arrangement when the burden is falling on them.

On top of it, these are the same fools that want to shit can the police departments or reduce them drastically. Coupled with that comes the overwhelming crime rate that they are going to have to deal with by our unwelcome visitors with only skeleton police departments.

It should be the responsibility of all of KJ’S backers/supporters that may have seen the error of his ways, to get on his ignorant anti-american ass and have him do a reversal.

Or designate someone with some common sense and a sense of patriotism to keep this fool in line. No I am not talking about another politician, we would be going from bad to worse. I am referring to someone that can be trustworthy and loyal to the cause to get this country back to where it should be before there is nothing left of it.

Folks, we have almost a year and a half left to deal with this maniac. Based on what he has done in a short amount of time, can’t we imagine what this country’s condition will be like when he finally exits stage left?? There will be nothing left of it.


58% of the legal voters disapprove of Kamikaze Joe’s performance. (I believe the numbers have to be higher). Of the remaining 42%, 30% of them are Biden’s close relatives – 12% are inmates in mental hospitals – the remaining 6% are people that Joking Joe owes money to.

As hard as I try, and I do look very intently, trying to find something positive or a beneficial action for the American people, K J has made, it has been extremely difficult, almost impossible to find anything he has accomplished since he’s been in office that benefited the country.

I am coming up with a big zero. I try to be very objective and impartial with my blogs. So tell me how can 42% of the population believe that KJ is doing a good job?? Mind boggling; They all have to be raving maniacs.

He’s somebody like a bad brother that I would like to have something positive to say about him but I keep strickinh out.

People can say what they want; while Donald Trump was president we never had such out of control conditions exist in this country that puts us at the brink of war and bankruptcy.

Take a good look at the post I did yesterday about running out of water. This condition has existed for decades.  The people in charge sat there with their thumbs up their ass and did nothing. Now that the Aqua-grim Reaper is knocking at the door, they are throwing up their hands wondering what to do about the calamity. Is that typical government or what!!

Without doubt of this majority of the politicians are the scum of the earth, only existing and functioning to further their own bed. None of her are held accountable for their actions and continually try to place the blame for the deficits on the other person. What a shameful bunch of bastards. And guess who’s leading the parade.

The same thing applies in all walks of government. Total incompetence from the top to the bottom.

The three Stooges – Car-mella – Kamakazi Joe and Nasty Nan – what fuckin wrecking ball they have been

Read K J’s lips: I’m the biggest asshole ever occupy The Big Chair – his broads are applauding him.

Take it directly from Porky Pig!!!!!!

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COMMON-SENSE is the name of the game Addressing topics other bloggers shy away from. All posts are original. Objective: impartial commentary on news stories, current events, nationally and internationally news told as they should be; SHOOTING STRAIGHT FROM THE HIP AND TELLING IT LIKE IT IS. No topics are off limits. No party affiliations, no favorites, just a patriotic American trying to make a difference. God Bless America and Semper Fi!
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