All they do with any degree of efficiency is demonstrate their incompetence ……

This could never happen to us; we are too big and too powerful for it to happen. That is what a large group of politicians claimed before Mother Nature came in and kicked their ass. They knew about this impending disaster for years but never did anything about it. Does that sound like the same old song.

Don’t repair the bridge until it collapses and kills a few dozen people. Only this condition is millions of times worse with the long-range effects it is going to have on all the citizens involved in these areas.

Unfortunately, this condition affects millions of people financially and emotionally while the people on watch who are elected and paid to be proactive, sat by totally disregarded its presence. I would say that it’s a typical government procedure.

This was 13 years ago and they still totally ignored it.

Hoover Dam is usually filled to capacity, this is what it looks like now

I always like to ask dumb questions so I can hear how dumb answers I get in return. Who should be held responsible to make sure that these conditions were dealt with before they got totally out of hand??

As we know the jacket lies on our government who is too consumed with worrying about inhabiting outer space and taking care of everyone else on the planet instead of their own people. There are no words strong enough to describe these degenerate Parasitical politicians except, total disgraceful, and should be dealt with appropriately.

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