It is all one gigantic witch hunt –

Unsecured storage, confidential documents: What Trump search affidavit reveals: live updates

Come on fools, cut the guy some slack, you MOTHERS have been breaking his balls for years now and still do not have anything concrete to nail him on.

Don’t tell me that this is not part of a gigantic conspiracy to help eliminate Donald Trump from running for president in 2024.

You wanna talk about holding a grudge????? These F-in lefters have not let up/tortured Trump since he won the 2016 election.

They have tried everything in the book and everything not in the book, their best to put a rope around his neck and have failed. When is enough enough??

When will these criminal bastards who hide behind their political positions admit they got an ass whipping like a real man does, accepting they got beat fair and square by an outsider. I think that they still can get over the shock factor.

It would be very surprising if the FBI (directed by the lefters) see them pull a surprise raid and some other ex presidents private homes to see what they can come up with. Ladies and gents this is nothing but a big pile of

To start and end with, this entire raid was pulled off illegally, because there were many other legal methods of obtaining information without the Gestapo raiding Donald Trump’s private home.

I will be very anxious to see who was going to take the rap when this entire scenario was found to be unjustified. Just like all the other investigations surrounding Donald Trump, there has never been anyone to take responsibility for initiating the falsehoods. It is just one big F-in game that the left want to play in order to discredit Trump.

The biggest thing the other side has going for them is; in unity there is strength, and there are a lot of the sons-a-bitches hitched to the GET TRUMP wagon.

I have said this so many times before; I have never seen anyone, anywhere, take the pounding this guy does from every possible source, for so many years and comes back swinging. He has got one enormous, very tough. strong constitution.

Probably the most significant problem we have in this country today, there is virtually no one we can trust or believe. HTF would we know if and when their findings are released, if anyone is really telling the truth.

We are living in some very sad, dangerous and disturbing times and I’m afraid they are not going to getting any better.

If these MOTHERS can pull off this kind of abuse of power on an ex president of the United States, guess what they can do pissants like all of us!!!


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