NYC, DC sanctuary city policies come back to haunt them amid feud with Texas, Arizona

Texas first began transporting migrants to Washington D.C. in April

The mayors of the sanctuary cites sound like and probably smell like Kamikaze Joe ; as long as they are on your front lawn it is OK, when they camp out on mine, that really pisses me off!!

Open up the country – locked down his personal home …

Posted on 08/19/2022 by The Goomba Gazette

N Y’s mayor words came back to haunt him. Adams said in 2019: “To anyone in the world fleeing hatred and oppression, the ultimate city of immigrants wants you to remember: you’re ALWAYS welcome here.”

Adams continues; “‘We should protect our immigrants.’ Period,” he tweeted in 2021 when campaigning. “Yes, New York City will remain a sanctuary city under an Adams administration.”

OUR immigrants??? They may be Adams immigrants, they sure are not mine.

Anyone in the world???? Is this F-in guy nots!!! Just in case you didn’t notice fool, the word anyone can amount to a hell of a lot of people. Better get you day bed out.

As sad as reality truly is, that human beings are being discriminated and abused in their own country, absolutely. The reality is, the citizens of the USA have to start being more selfish by protecting what they have, before they have nothing to protect.


This immigration thing has backfired on the politicians just like defunding and eliminating cops have. The damage and it’s ugly head have not really surfaced yet. The absolute worst has yet to come. Now that their insanity is in full swing and out of control, the founders of these ridiculous concessions do not know what to do with this Raging runaway Bull that is out of control.

When is the first or the last time we have seen any politician swing the front doors of his own mansion open and welcome in a group of immigrants for a unlimited stay?? You never have and you never will.

Whenever it is an inconvenience to the other guy that is OK, when it starts hitting home, and infringing on their own lifestyle, that is a different story.


Keep those buses, trains and airplanes moving north fellas, YOU’LL are doing a hell of a job.

What is it gonna take before that imbecile K J slams those gates shut??? This is all part of the big scheme to destroy our democracy.

And we thought the country was bad off with TMC at the helm.

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