All part of the BIG CON …..

Biden’s student loan plan could leave American taxpayers footing nearly $300,000,000,000 bill

That is right fools, we buy our way into public office

Anyone that believes that K J and his mob give 2 F’s about the American people, they better pull their heads out of that very dark place and smell the napalm the socialist are trying to burn you with.

If Kamikaze and his mob gave a F about the USA, he would have not made some many of the deliberate/intentional bad decisions that have put the USA back 30 years. It is all about control and turning the USA into a social government where the scumbags at the top control the little people. By the government paying off loans and outstanding debt for college tuitions, and other outrageous giveaways, that is one of the deceptive ways of BUYING votes when the election time comes around.

To start with, it is not fair to all of the other people who through the years sweat their butts off to pay their college loans. Next injustice and more important this move would put the USA 300 billion in debt deeper than we are already. Isn’t it just great that the idiots in this government keep getting deeper and deeper in debt by spending money we don’t have.

Folks don’t be taken in by this phony charade of generosity, it is all about control, power and dominance. These scumbags have been conjuring up these maneuvers for dozens of years and I am afraid they are now taking hold.

The people they are trying to con/buy are mostly the college kids who will be of voting age next time around. The younger people are just taking in by the ruse, and are not world-wise enough to understand they are being had. It is all a big smokescreen of lies, corruption, deceit and dishonesty. No person, entity or company should ever put themselves in dire straits by being heavily so heavily in debt. To them it’s only a game, print more money and raise taxes, their answer to solving all the problems.

Wise up people; there is no such thing as a free lunch. Sooner or later, the Pied Piper comes around to collect what is due him. Sooner or later, in one manner or the other we have to pay for that lunch we thought was free.

The word FREE has the kids today mesmerized making them believe they can go through life on someone else dime. That is not how the world turns. I would love to take a poll and see just how many stupid people in this country really believe they can go through life not being financially responsible. It may be frightening to see the results,

AGAIN – question to K J and his pack of pathetic anti-Americans: How is what you are doing working out for you so far. Thanks Dr. Phil

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