How do you like your crow cooked, well or medium ..

Washington DC Mayor Bowser’s second request for National Guard help with migrant ‘crisis’ denied by Pentagon

The Washington DC National Guard’s activation to assist with migrants would lead to ‘diminished readiness,’ the Pentagon said

With or without the feathers??

Be careful of what you AXE for fools. Next; open the front door of your house and let a few dozen illegals in for an extended stay. Oh; you would not like the inconvenience. As long as it is someone else getting dumped on and not you it is OK.

I said this way back when. If anyone is so naïve to think that the only towns that will be effected by the stampede of illegals are the boarder towns, they have their heads where the sun does not shine. Eventually every town in the in country will be inundated.

The only foolproof way of correcting this problem, is to get rid of Kamikaze Joe and this entire crew. We all know that is an impossibility.

By the time 2024 comes around, I think that there will have been to be so much damage inflicted on this country by the imbeciles, it will be too late to put it in reverse and correct the catastrophic conditions they caused.

My hat is off to the governor of Texas for having the backbone to do what he was elected for, protect the citizens of his state. Keep those buss going north governor. Although it may be to little to late.

How do you want your crow, broiled or deep fried you DC and NY fools?

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