Stick to your guns cheese-heads …….

Wisconsin school board votes to ban pride, BLM flags from classrooms

‘Teachers and administration will not have political flags or religious messaging in their classroom,’ the superintendent says

It is about time we see some institutions that have some backbone, a good set on goolunies and not allow special interest groups push them around.

It is the purpose and responsibility for school to TEACH not BRAINWASH and INDOCTRINATE.

These BULLY organizations have been pushing their weight around too long and need to have the brakes put on them. Because they are special interest groups, they harass and push around anyone they can to try to get there sometime vicious, sick in the head, vile, hateful, anti-American propaganda across.

There are millions of sheep (useless followers) in this country that do not have the spine to tell these fools to take a flying fuck. Let them flex their muscle anywhere else but in the school systems. The organizations and people that are allowed themselves to be bullied are nothing but a bunch of spineless, weaklings.

Let’s get to school systems get back to what their original intent is supposed to be, to teach the kids the three R’s, not HATE, sick twisted agendas and how to burn the American flag.

A third teenage suspect has been arrested in connection to an alleged hate attack on a 57-year-old white woman riding a bus in Queens in July.

Products of hatred

EDUCATE our kids on how to become a stand-up citizen, a pilar of the community (not a savage), a credit to themselves, how can be an asset to this world, not destroy them.

Stick to your guns Cheese-heads; THE MOTHERS will be coming after you.

MESSAGE FROM VINNY – I would have told them to get fucked a long time ago!!!

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