How stupid are some cops – they never learn ….

According to police, a report indicated that a man was making threats to a convenience store employee in Mulberry, Arkansas, on Sunday morning. Mulberry is located about 137 miles northwest of Little Rock.

Police later identified the arrested man as Randall Worcester, 27, of Goose Creek, South Carolina.

What an ass whipping and pounding this guy took at the hand of the keepers of the peace.

Here we go again, a few dummies making the whole country look bad.

Unless I am mistaken, one of the 1st things they teach in the police academy; a soon as the criminal or person being arrested is not a threat to anyone, the necessity for excessive force ends.

Possibly these cowboys in blue missed that part of the class.

It probably is a good thing that the victim was a white guy instead of black. In reverse, there would have been some healthy barbecues in Arkansas to commemorate the beating.

I wonder how long it’s gonna take before some of these overly aggressive stupid cops realize that everyone in the world has a cell phone and a camera; and these overly aggressive beatings are against the law, regardless of what race a person is.

Because of a few fools in blue; the rest of all the cops in the country are looked down upon.

Wake up Fellas – smile – gotta know you are on candid camera.

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