Waste of tax payers money – why bother ….

3 charged in Whitey Bulger’s prison killing

I have always been of the opinion, it is a absolute ridiculous waste of taxpayers money to investigate the murder of hardened criminals that we’re taken off the face of this earth and got what they deserve.

Bulger is one of the most deserving to fit in that category and is right there on top of the shit list. Only problem, he should have been taken out 50 years ago.

Now tell me, why would the authorities BLOW taxpayers hard earned money by bringing 3 criminals to justice that did mankind a favor??

On August 12, Bulger was found guilty on 31 counts, including both racketeering charges, and was found to have been involved in eleven murders, that is what we know of. The three criminals that took him out should be serve steak and filet mignon every night for their heroic deed. He was a BAD GUY.

With a track record like this thug has, it doesn’t even make sense to try and get justice for his murder. I think the real justice is in his murder. Three guys who are up on the murder charge of Bulger should be celebrated instead of punished. Live by the sword, die by the sword. What can be more just and fair.

Just like all the murders committed by the gang members and gang bangers. Why throw good money out the window prosecuting the people who took the trash out?? These hoodlums consider it badge of honor to live the lifestyle they do, so why would the authorities piss away good money seeking out their killers??

As far as the underworld is concerned, when it was revealed Bulger was an FBI (RAT) informant, that put him as low on the totem pole in the criminal underworld as anyone can be. The same people he robbed and killed with are the ones that he dropped the dime on. There certainly was no honor in this thugs blood line.

Bulger was a very intelligent criminal. He was a horse trader and a barterer. He traded the information he had about his associates and members of other gangs to the FBI, who in return allowed him to run rampant and commit numerous crimes without any repercussions. Was he slick and crafty?? Absolutely, but not very honorable as far as the rules of the underworld. In the underworld there is nothing more detestable than a RAT.

How Whitey Bulger Manipulated the FBI Into Locking Up His …

https://www.history.com › whitey-bulger-fbi-informant

Nov 1, 2018 — The notorious gangster was recruited as an FBI informant. It turned it out that corrupt FBI agents were the ones informing him.

How Spotlight revealed the secret deal between Whitey …

https://www.bostonglobe.com › 2021/09/22 › magazine

Sep 22, 2021 — It referred instead to a “special relationship” between Bulger and the FBI. The story was not on the front page with a blaring headline, but .

Bulger got tied up with (in bed ) with an FBI agent named John Connolly who constantly kept Whitey one step ahead of getting locked up. The trade off was very simple; Conolly kept Bulger abreast of what was going down with the FBI so he could continue his crime spree without fear of being arrested, in return Bulger dropped so many dimes on his fellow criminals, he ran out of change.

FBI agent who helped Whitey Bulger set up the murder of …

https://www.courant.com › news › connecticut › hc-news-…

Feb 17, 2021 — John J. Connolly Jr., the FBI agent who helped gangster James “Whitey” Bulger Jr. arrange the murder of a former president of World Jai Alai …

SOOOOO; I AXE you, why the hell should a scumbag like Bulger’s murder be investigated?? He got what he deserved, For that matter, anyone who is habitual offender of a serious crimes and they jet killed, there should be no investigation. The savings for the taxpayers could add up into the billion over an extended period.

We all know this will never come to fruition, it would put to many crooked judges and ambulance chaser out of a job.

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