Looks like Billy has seen the light, even though slightly ..

Bill Maher tips hat to Trump for successful GOP primary streak: It’s ‘impressive… in an evil way’

Maher says while Trump might be ‘Mr. Evil,’ he’s quite the politician

I guess we can say a left-handed compliment is better than none at all. I don’t know if calling someone quite the politician is a compliment or not, 95% of them are stone sleaze bags.

Be there as it may, in my opinion Maher has leaning a little more right than he used to or is it the fact he is displaying more common sense.

Telling it like it is: “Eighty-five percent of the people Trump endorsed won: 151 out of 178,” Maher said during the panel discussion on Friday night. “Say what you want about Mr. Evil, but boy, what a politician. I mean, that’s impressive — in an evil way, but still, impressive.”

Maybe I was giving the socio /Democrats/progressives too much credit when I say they are very shrewd for sticking together putting the burn on The Donald. One important issue they seem to be missing, The more radical, the more outrageous, the more off the wall they are supporting these crazy moves K J and his puppeteers have made; they are too stupid to see, the more shit they throw in the game (the wall – oil prices – the recession – defunding the cops), the more they are hurting themselves. These are issues Bill Maher recognizes, addressing them as such, making a slight left turn and is telling it like it is.

The next thing we know Bill Maher is going to invite Donald Trump as a guest star on this program.

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