Good move …. they need the space ….

Oklahoma, with a history of botched lethal injections, prepares to start executing a man a month

Wanna play – gotta pay

Do most criminals consider the consequences of their actions before they commit the crimes?? I don’t think so. Possibly the house (or cell) cleaning Oklahoma has initiated, will have an impact on some potential criminals and may reconsider their lives of crime. What good does it do to have a death penalty in place if they never use it?? The only thing hardened criminals understand or respect, is something/someone more violent than they are and the fulfillment of their execution.

They will say or do just about anything to stay there execution. The most absurd delay of execution I heard of, one of the prisoners had his execution delayed numerous time because he was claiming that the needle they were used to inject him may not be disinfected. As crazy as it seems, I don’t see what difference they would make if the procrastinator would be dead in 5 minutes after the injection.

Naturally the majority of the legal wrangling comes from the ambulance chasers. The more appeals, the more delays, the more money these blood suckers make. They could really give 2 shits about their client.

Keep the ball rolling Oakies, step it up to about a dozen a month. They can use the space.

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