Open up the country – locked down his personal home …

Biden heads back to Delaware beach house, where he’s building $500K taxpayer-funded security fence

DHS awarded Delaware company $490,000 to build fence at Biden’s home


The old Biden Family motto – Hooray for me and Fuck-you. As long as my sleazy ass is protected, F- the rest of you.

Kamikaze Joe thinks nothing of throwing the immigration gates wide open putting the entire country at risk, but is concerned enough about trespassers on his own private property to spend $500,000 of the taxpayers $oldi to put a fence up around his own crib.

Where the hell is it written that the taxpayers have to cough up the funds to pay for a security fence around K J’s private home?? If KJ feels insecure in his own crib, he should pay the money out of his pocket not the taxpayers. If it were a government owned facility, it would be an entirely different story and lessen the bleeding.

Who the hell needs a paycheck?? Just about everything the PP pathetic politicians spend money on comes out of the governments perk program and cost them virtually nothing. With all of the bennies they receive, it is no wonder they will sell their mother just to get elected.

What is K J so concerned about, the Secret Service agents sleeping on the job??

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