I saw these previews on the screen many years ago ….

Considering the cost of popcorn, the cost of a coke the cost of a candy bar, the admission to the show, it cost the family of four close to $100 to go see a movie.

All industries in general have to get their head out of their ass and get realistic on their prices. Baseball games, football games, basketball games, hockey and any other form of entertainment you can think of can cost a person an arm and a leg these days.

All the owners know how to do is raise prices (just like the politicians continually raise taxes to overcome their shortfalls) the entertainment industry’s owners are just as bad if not worse. I did not force them to pay some pitcher from the Dominican Republic 250,000,000.00 a guaranteed for life, consequently it becomes necessary to raise the price of the tickets and all of the garbage they sell at outrageous prices to cover their expenses.

Good thing I checked before I post my articles. It so happens that according to a recent study, it cost over $200 for a family of four to go to a baseball game. AYSM!!! Without the revenue from the TV coverage, these thieves would never be able to pay their child support and alimony. I always have been a firm believer in boycotting the bandits until they get their prices to a reasonable level. That is the only language they understand, when the jing-a-ling becomes scarce.

The movie theaters do not have the luxury of television networks sponsoring their programs, like the sports industry does.

I remember saying this 15 or 20 years ago, the movie theater industry was going to go down the tubes because of their outrageous prices.

Richard McKenzie, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, determined that it costs the average theater around $0.90 to produce a bag of popcorn. At $7.99, that’s a 788% markup. Sep 8, 2019

You read this correctly, 788% markup. Holy Shit!! That holds true on the rest of the trash they peddle. And they throw stones at the Pharmaceutical industry.

It is like the sexy little blonde haired, blue eyed newlywed that goes out every Friday night and tells her pathetic, gullible old man she is going out with her girlfriends. Sooner or later she must realize that she’s gonna get her tit in the wringer and have to pay the price for cheating.

It has been my position for years. All of these thieving industries should be boycotted until they get back down to earth with their prices. But just like any other no account industry, they live in complete denial until the guillotine falls and then want to get bailed out by the government. GMAFB on the price of popcorn. 788% AYSMA!!

Some of the thieves have the balls to charge for butter and salt. Next thing they are gonna require is the patron bring their own bag. That is nearly as insulting is having to buy air at a gas station. WTF!!!

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