Be aware of Father MOTHER ……

Georgia man suspected of raping women while posing as a priest: police

Police say that he poses as a youth pastor to lure women into an apartment

This sons-a-bitch looks like a priest as much as Donald Duck looks like Popeye the Sailorman.

Only a very desperate, gullible person would confide in the degenerate bastard like Marco Johnson.

In my opinion, there would be a lot less crimes if the general public was not as trusting. If they look like a scumbag – talk like a scumbag – smell like a scumbag, take a good guess …….

A good lesson in life. Respect and trust are earned not given away like a used pair of sneakers. Right off the bat – from the get go – do not trust anyone. Your chances of becoming a victim by following this pattern are diminished greatly.

There are millions of bastards like this degenerate out there just waiting in the wings looking for their next victim. Don’t let your good nature and sympathetic personality allow you to be one of their victims.

Two important lessons of life: Don’t go where you don’t belong – trust and respect are earned, not a given.

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