Kamikaze Joe always has the perfect out ….

America was built on the rule of law but Joe Biden and his team are tearing it apart at the seams

Biden’s team has just conducted a raid against a possible political opponent and weaponized the Justice Department

Kamikaze Joe (AKA K J) tried to separate himself from the illegal raid on Donald Trump’s house, always has the perfect out.

Probably for the first time in his life, he would be telling the truth that he is mentally disturbed has early signs of dementia, that is if you can remember that. He never has to get out of character and be accountable for any of the lapses of memory that seem to plague him.

KJ would not know the truth if it jumped up and bit him on his pecker. Looks like I am not alone in my opinions.

Joe Biden Keeps Lying — But You Won’t Hear It From Liberal …

https://jacobin.com › 2020/03 › joe-biden-mainstream-…

Mar 30, 2020 — But Democratic voters have been largely kept in the dark about those lies by liberal media outlets. Democratic presidential candidate former …

Lies, damned lies and the truth about Joe Biden – The Hill

https://thehill.com › opinion › campaign › 499065-lies-…

May 22, 2020 — As Biden denies alleged misdeeds related to General Flynn, to his son Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine or to Tara Reade, his history of …

‘Joe Biden is a pathological liar’ – Washington Times

https://www.washingtontimes.com › news › oct › joe-bi…

Oct 30, 2020 — Donald Trump may be rude and crude. He may be abrasive and off-putting. His Twitter temperament may be caustic, his leadership style demanding, …

47 Years of Failure: Joe Biden Will Lie About Anything and …

https://www.presidency.ucsb.edu › documents › campai…

Oct 28, 2020 — On the heels of even more bombshells involving the Biden family’s corruption, the Trump Campaign has launched a new ad detailing the many …

And only become worse since he put his hand on the bible.

And we thought TMC was bad!!!

To think that it was common knowledge about Biden’s propensity for lying and less than desirable character, he was the best they could come up with for president. That is not see much for the democratic/socio party.

Do we live in a double edged society?? We absolutely do. Can we even imagine if the Republicans initiating an FBI illegal raid on Wild Bill Clinton’s crib after his affair with Monica Lewinsky and soooo many other women to see if he had any porno stashed away somewhere. They probably should have and would be very surprised at what they found.

Just like our Constitution gets twisted, turned and manipulated to suit the conditions of the criminals; it is the same way our judicial system has been manipulated by the FBI and the other law enforcement entities of the country and turned it into a Gestapo units.

There are specific guidelines and protocol it could have been followed in order to obtain the documents that they were looking for. The storm trooper tactic that they used was totally illegal in unnecessary.

Although I do not have any use for the progressives, the far lefters, the pathetic one sided news media; at the same time I have to give them credit for sticking together, to achieve their goal of keeping the heat on PDT.

The thing that absolutely baffles me, these supposedly intelligent cream of the crop people have no idea how the detrimental all the off their wall initiates are harming the country. Either that or they are well aware of the harm they are causing, BUTT will continue to stick to game plan of totally destroying the country and turning it it to a socialist state.

What seemingly intelligent person would see destruction and damage of defunding the police, opening the boarders gates, shutting down the oil pipe line etc. and refuse to do an about face. One would have to conclude that these deliberate actions are part of the big scheme.

We only can reap what we sow. What a BAD SEED K J sowed.

Is this absolute proof or what???

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