Shit in one hand – promises in the other. What do you have??

Laura Ingraham: The Left ruins everything it touches

She says fewer people even want to work at all

LAURA INGRAHAM: The Left ruins everything it touches. They go soft on criminals. They villainize law enforcement. Now we have a major police officer shortage across America. They let left-wing nutbags run our schools, then they institute vax mandates. They go soft on student discipline. And now we have a major teacher shortage in America. 

Ingraham is absolutely right. Tell me one thing the lefters have put their signature on that has not been a gigantic flop.

I don’t know how many projects (if that is what you want to call them) have to backfire in their face before they realize just how F-ed up they are?? Everything they touch turns into shit.

We have this brilliant SOAB sitting the big chair who has made at feeble attempt at some minor changes for SHOW AND TELL , but they will not kick in until four to six years, possibly 10.

If this fool and all of his cronies were starving to death, would they rather eat today or six months from now. COMMON SENSE folks – COMMON SENSE. We need are in dire straits that need to be addresses today not 10 years down the road.

If the government was not so generous (stupid) with the social handouts (part of the big scheme) it would force the country’s parasite to get a job. The only job they may gladly accept is a hand-job.

Not only has the government created millions of brain-dead, lethargic fools that do not want to drop one bead of sweat, they are losing the billions of dollars in tax money if the fools were working.

I don’t know how long this dog and pony show can continue without collapse if there are not some immediate changes!! From where I sit, I would say that runaway locomotive is heading directly at us full steam ahead.

Once again; show me any initiative that Kamikaze Joe sunk his shit hooks into that had a positive and successful outcome. Not 10 years from now, butt immediate.

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