One foolproof solution to thid problem is …..

Los Angeles deputy DA: Gascón is creating a ‘ticking time bomb’ by releasing murderers back on the streets

The Los Angeles County deputy district attorney said that Gascó

If this ignoramus FH DA does not have a problem releasing deadly criminals back into society, I think a great idea is to supply the bad boys with the authorities names and addresses so they can make a house call, possibly bring flowers.


How come these assholes all look the same?????

There may be a hidden reason this braindead DA release this coked-out looking criminal prematurely. Gascon and his wife just adopted a baby and want this scumbag to stand up as the godfather at the kids baptism. What else can it be??

Bums like this mentally impaired DA are a big part of the reason the USA is as F-ed up as it is. If the criminals he released are provided with his address, that may solve part of the problem. Cause, we all know, these psycho’s will turn deadly on their own mother in a NY second.

There was always a solution to any problem if someone will just stop think and take the appropriate action.

It took me no longer than 3 seconds to come up with the answer.

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