Be careful where you let Fido lick you fellas ,,,,

Dog infected with monkeypox after sharing bed, licking owners

The Lancet medical journal reported it was the first confirmed case of human-to-pet monkeypox infection

An Italian greyhound owned by a gay couple has been infected with monkeypox in the first reported case passed from a human to their pet.

The French couple, involved in a non-monogamous relationship, are believed to have contracted monkeypox following sexual contact with other men. 

They said they noticed pustules on their dog’s stomach. A PCR test later confirmed the pooch had contracted the virus.

OK BED FELLOWS, it’s bad enough you are engaging in unnatural sex acts with one another, now you’re playing spin the bottle with your dog. You want to MONKEY around, kick Fido off the bed.

It would not take too long, if we had enough boarder crossers like these two freaks on prowl, to spread that monkey pox around the world. Never say never.

Get back to being natural when sex was between a man and a women, it was a lot safer and less complicated.

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