Nearly everyone BUTT Cagy Carmy agrees ….

What else would I expect The Token to say??? What if – what if it was her crib that was raided illegally by law enforcement when there were several other LEGAL avenues that could have been taken to secure the obtain documents??

In her own words defending the raid and bad mouthing Trump:

Vice President Kamala Harris said on Friday that she has “full confidence” in the Department of Justice after the search warrant that was used during the FBI raid of former President Trump’s Florida residence was unsealed.

“Well, as a former prosecutor, I will tell you, I don’t speak about anybody else’s case, but I have full confidence that the Department of Justice will do with the facts and the law requires,” Harris said in response to a reporter’s question.

Carmy wants to talk about her record as a prosecutor:

She may tout herself as a “progressive prosecutor,” but Kamala Harris’ record as a career California prosecutor suggests otherwise.

Harris — who made history Tuesday as presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s pick for vice president — has long faced criticism over her prosecutorial record, with skeptics saying she skewed in favor of police and was too slow, and even sometimes mum, on criminal justice reform.

As California’s attorney general from 2011 to 2017, she refused to endorse a 2015 bill calling for a special prosecutor to investigate deadly police shootings, the Sacramento Bee reported.

She also rejected calls from civil rights groups to investigate deadly police shootings in Los Angeles and San Francisco, following the 2014 police-involved killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

In 2015, Harris required body cameras for California Department of Justice agents but didn’t support legislation mandating them for all police officers.

These examples are just the tip of the icepick. She conducted her time as a prosecutor the same way she is conducting her position as vice president. Piss poor.

Carmy is calling the attacks on law enforcement (meaning Trump criticizing the FBI for illegal raid) “unacceptable.”

I would venture to say; if an honest polls taken throughout the country, an overwhelming majority people would agree the legal raid was illegal. If they can do it to an ex president, they certainly will do it to you.

More pearls coming out of Carmy; I think it’s just highly irresponsible of anyone who calls themselves a leader and certainly anyone who represents the United States of America to engage in rhetoric for the sake of some political objective that can result in harm to law enforcement officers and agents,” Harris said.

Isn’t this what her party does on a daily basis, bad mouthing the other side for political gain??

Carmy; if the shoes fit put them on. It has been several years since the FBI has been under scrutiny for bad decision making and not doing their jobs according to the law as they were sworn to.

I really cannot blame the ground pounders, the guys on the front lines, for following orders and doing what they were told. The ILLEGAL raid was approved of and sanctioned from the very top. The guy with the assault rifle we’re just following orders.

Message for Carmy: If you live in a glass house you should lean to keep your trap shut, especially with a track record like yours.

Message #2 for Carmy: you have only been right once since sliding under the door of the Big House with, Kamikaze Joe when you said;

Kamala Harris blasted for claiming ‘voters got what they asked … › media › kamala-harris-blasted…

Mar 1, 2022 — Vice President Kamala Harris was blasted by critics Monday for claiming during a speech at the White House that American voters “got what …

Girl, you will never be able to live is one down. You sound a hell of a lot better when you fermer la bouche.

Go do something you are good at, like shopping in Paris.

Why bother – I don’t even like to cook

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