Quit turning the other cheek ….

Gas prices dip below $4 a gallon, here’s why it still could be bad news for Biden

President Joe Biden has repeatedly touted the gas price decline

The good news of lower gas prices is still not as good as it should be. It has a long way to go to get back to being reasonable and where it should be. The bad news is bad because, Kamikaze Joe is bad news and should not be forgiven or let off the hook for how he put this country into turmoil.

Anyone who has a half ounce of brains that is willing to take an honest and objective look at the deplorable conditions in this country and still supports K J, they are is as sick as he is.

They are the same dummies that bought a 6 pack of Rolling Rock one week for 2.00 – the next week it cost 8.oo – the week after bought the same beer for 6.oo and thinks they are getting a bargain.

Folks; the government under K J’s administration is screwing the American royal and does not even have the courtesy to us a little Vaseline.

Supposedly the USA has more underground oil than any other country on earth, but makes it very difficult with their enormous mountains of red tape for contractors to drill for it.

YETTTTT we have a PP Pathetic president that is going across the pond on bended knees, bumping fisting the prince like he is 10 years old, kissing the ass of the A-Rabs to allow us to buy their oil.

When I was young and stupid, naïve, I used to think that there was some honor among thieves and people took care of others that made them successful. Was I wrong, but it used to be that way. Without the support of the United States, needless to say there were in abundance of backdoor dealings, many of the the Arab countries would still be shitting out of their back windows and going to the market place on their dromedaries instead of a Rolls Royce. It is not uncommon at all for selfish people to forget who made them successful. Without the assistance of the USA, most of the countries in the Middle East we’ll still be reading their scriptures by candlelight. How easy it is to forget.

Back to Kamikaze Joe; he F-ed-up this country so bad, I don’t really know if it is repairable. Because of his ignorance and leaning towards socialism, Kamikaze put our country back 20 years, now is trying to somewhat be instrumental (not much) in easing the burden of high prices; now he wants the entire population to kiss his ring or ass.

In an attempt to save face, (little if an left) K J has came up with an economic policy that is supposed to be a cure-all for all the country’s financial and environmental dilemmas. When the experts reviewed his proposal they concluded, if it works at all, it will not kick in for another 10 years. Talk about the deceit at it’s highest level.

Just about the entire political system this comprises of nothing but smokescreens and lies to keep the taxpayers in the dark and guessing at all times.

I don’t want to be too rough on the guy, although he does not deserve any slack, I wouldn’t be surprised if his claims of having cancer and Covid twice were nothing but a lot of bullshit, to get sympathy from the public.

Can we believe any of what the guy says?? If he can get the prices back to where they were when Trump was sitting in the big chair, close the immigration gates, clean up our infrastructure as he promised, I would be first in line to congratulate him. Until then – a gift from my little buddy.

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