Paying the price – the best is yet to come ….


Published August 10, 2022 2:00am EDT

Police exodus ‘crisis’: Officers are ditching the job at a rate ‘never seen before’

‘We have a crisis right now in manpower,’ a top police official said

When the asshole completely drops out of the USA, who is going to wear the jacket?? At this rate, believe me , “D” day is not too far off.

Let us take a good look at where the USA is going, lawlessness up in record numbers, people that do not want to work, politicians more corrupt than ever, a president that can not even remember his F-in name, environmental issues, disastrous infrastructure, at odds with some of the major superpowers, the list is endless.

The glue that has held this society together for so many decades is law-enforcement. Now because of the ignorance of the fools backing the defunding or eliminating the cops are getting a stronghold while much of the country is in shambles. We have a commander in chief telling the entire country, conditions have never been better . WFR is this fool hiding under??

Not getting support from anyone, the boys and girls in blue are hitting the exit doors in droves. If following this pattern continues, all we are going to be left with are empty police stations all around the country and no one to assist in the time of emergencies. The end story can only be disastrous.

How and when will this end?? Not good.

The people that support these movements are slowly but surely dismantling this country piece by piece. If I stretch my imagination to extremes and multiply that by 1,000; I still would not even get close to understanding their horrendous game plan that will certainly lead to fall/demise of this country. Is that what socialism is all about, complete dependency government??

On top of the fact that authorities are handcuffing cops and expecting them to do their jobs, More than 210 police and law enforcement officers have been shot in the line of duty so far this year as of July 31 – up 14% from the same time last year, according to data provided by the FOP earlier this month, and only getting worse. Who in the hell signed up for that.

This country is now and in the future (the future is here) are going to pay a big price for the incompetence and recklessness in which these cities are governed.

Folks; there cannot be any good coming out of this and yet it seems to be picking up speed.

I have used this example so many times before. Our leaders that are supposed to keep this country safe and in order are cutting the grass while their houses are burning to the ground.

What fire????

In all of their ignorance, do they really believe all of these problems are going correct themselves??? NEVER HAPPEN. There needs to be some decisive and positive action taken immediately to eliminate any further disruption of our society and the loss of our police forces.

Pay me now or pay me later?? Later has arrived.

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