Better yet – shit can Kamikaze Joe …….

LIVE UPDATES:Trump raid blowback could cost top Biden official his job, GOP senator warns

The buck should stop at Kamikaze’s desk. No one can bullshit me Kamikaze did not have prior knowledge of the illegal raid. The full weight of the repercussions should fall on his shoulders.

By the pictures I saw of the FBI in full combat dress pulling off their illegal raid, it looked more like to me they were raiding Pablo Escobar or El Chapo encampment rather than the ex president of the United states is personal home.

Being that the mission was a illegal, clandestine, off the wall raid and took such high priority, were the FBI Raiders under orders to shoot to kill any of the occupants of the home if they resisted?? If not, WTF does this agent need that assault rifle for??

I just cannot get over the stupidity some of the authorities in the United States government that would try to pull off such ass-a-nine maneuver like this and think they can get away with it.

As of yet no one is sure what they expected to find, but it seems to be the consensus that they could have obtained these documents in legal fashion rather than the vigilante style they pulled.

I hope PDT can exact his revenge (comeuppance) someday for all of the prosperous, never proven shenanigans they tried to hang on him and were unsuccessful.

It either took a lot of balls – stupidity – ignorance – unmitigated nerve or all of the above to participate in such a raid on an x-presidents crib. Where the hell were Trump’s Secret Service agents hiding that are supposed to lay down their life to protect him??

This whole incident stinks like tuna boats that has been left in the100 degree heat for six months without being cleaned.

I would venture to say; even PDT’s staunches opposition ()if they are honest) will see all of the illegality of this. If these pricks are allowed to get away with trying to shaft Trump, they will have no boundaries.

All part of the BIG SCHEME for power and control.

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