WTF – a little over the top would you say !!!!!

What was this prick going to do with that assault weapon if PDT did not co-operate, mow his ass down????

Let’s get real folks and respect the office that the man held. This fiasco could have been done/executed legally in so many different other ways for some ridiculous unanswered reason, these asshole look like they were going after Pablo Escobar.

Whether you like the guy or not, the office he held must be respected. I hope the fuck PDT takes all of the perpetrators over the coals using legal means to get even. Or better yet, when he wins the election in 2024, he should hire some of my cousins from Italy to do the Tarantella on each one of their heads, individually.

I can not ever remember any case of this amount of disrespect shown to president in or out of office.

The maggot Wild Willie crossed the line so blatantly with his UNDER THE DESK act and still have millions of fools slobbering over the sex fiend. That just goes to show us how low morality has sunk in recent years.

It is going to be very interesting to see how this illegal raid pans out.

My dear old Jar buddy John Martin once told me; if Trump cured cancer, the bastards would say he invented it purposely so he could say he cured it.

Not too far from the truth.

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