To put it in a nut shell; they shit in their pants with the fear they have for PDT …..

Trump posts campaign ad-style video to Truth Social following FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago

Donald Trump’s campaign ad-style video is just the latest hint that the former president may be building up to a run for the White House in 2024

This is all about the outsider barging his way in unwanted, uninvited and raining in their parade. In all actuality, many of the people in the Republican Party we’re not, are not too happy this brash/bold outsider came in and threw a monkey wrench into their well oiled and controlled machine.

Psychologically people with very low self esteem and very little confidence in themself are deathly afraid of confident, strong people.

As I have said so many times before, Trump maybe a lot of the things people call him. Of his own doing; what has made him so strong is also his Achilles heel. It is perfectly suitable to run your mouth if what you are saying has merit and substance. Problem is PDT in many cases, he does not think before he speaks. What goes into his ears comes out of his mouth spontaneously, many times putting him in hot water.

WTF is the FBI looking for???

If the public is so concerned about a man’s personality or what their behavior was 30 years ago, they are barking up the wrong tree. I can guarantee one thing, if PDT was sitting in the big chair now, we would not find ourself in the deplorable conditions we are in with so many different areas, at home or abroad. Just about every president that sat in the big chair had many skeletons in their own closet.

The only thing that the public should be concerned with is, how the person in the top seat performs his presidential duties and keeps the country healthy financially and safe. No one can argue the fact, based on documented evidence that Trump did just that.

Love or hate him, give PDT the recognition he deserves.

I can’t wait to find out exactly what the FBI will find in his Mara Lago mansion. If they come away with only air as they have in all the other attacks on Trump, that alone would be astounding to find out he was set up once again.

The only thing I can come away with; someone – some very influential fools have a GIANT HARD-ON for Trump and will not let go. They started to bust his balls way back before 2016 trying to dig up dirt on him and have not got off the bandwagon since.

Why not a search warrant or a subpoena to obtain the records instead of a raid like a common Criminal.

If nothing else, this off the wall act that is possibly illegal, a Clan Destin raid on the x-president’s home by the FBI is nothing but a contrived conspiracy to once again to try and take president Trump down; not making him a suitable candidate for 2024. Just think of what the degenerate backstabbing politicians that were behind this can do to a common citizen if they can hold an x-president feet to the fire. 

Underhanded activities like this are just the precursor/example of how this criminal laced administration operates and a very big indicator of, they will stop at nothing to keep Trump from running in 2024.

Realistically I think they are too ignorant/stupid/self-consumed to see and understand all these clandestine illegal activities can backfire on them. Hopefully this will be the case.

Never let anybody fool you, the people behind these movements are very powerful, well connected, determined in their cause, loaded to the gills with and have access to unlimited amounts of $oldi to fund their illegal activities. Unfortunately that makes them a very formidable opponent.

Along with the rest of the supposedly pillars of our community and country (all know who they are), the FBI that was once held in very high esteem, now has fallen to the wayside and in some cases has become as corrupt or worse than the people they investigate.

One of the real kickers in all of these illegal one-sided scenarios; it has been documented and proven that Kamikaze Joe and his brat kid are nothing but a couple of F-in thieves, guilty as sin , but the authorities refused to act on it. As of yet, I have not seen any raids on their houses or places of business.

In his own words. His old man (MY GUY) has raised him and taught him be a bigger thief than he is.

One of the primary reasons the authorities are not going after The Brat, his testimony if truthful will take his old man down with him.

Yessssss; the Gestapo that raided PDT crib illegally are probably the same people who are turning a blind eye and deaf blind ear to Jesse and Frank James. I hate insult the James family, they had a lot more dignity and character as these two fools.

On the other side of the coin we have Donald Trump who without a doubt crossed the line a few or many times in his quest as a businessman to become successful, but the authorities really have never come up with anything conclusive that could nail him to the cross. Butttttttt, they continue to investigate the shit out of him. Double standards????? You bet your sweet ass.

Same old story. If Trump needs to learn only one thing, how to control hid mouth.

Is there any illegal or underhanded maneuver the other side will not stoop to, to put the burn on PDT?? It certainly does not appear that way to me. Optimistically, if there is a good/honest side to the law hidden away somewhere, they have to go public and expose these saboteurs, putting them behind bars for a few years. This government was not founded and the disastrous principles these maggots are displaying.

That would be just as likely as putting Kamikaze Joe and The Brat away for a few years. Never happen.

The more shit these lefters throw in the game, the weaker the USA is becoming. We are supposed to be country of unity and strength instead of monumental discourse between parties.

Just another black eyes for the world to see and another nail in our coffin.

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