What kind of cheap dope are the ignorant fools sucking on ….

Politico gushes over ‘pretty impressive’ Biden legislative achievements

The playbook authors also wrote that there was ‘not much debate anymore’ over whether Biden is a ‘consequential president’

Everything this moron touched since he’s been in office has been an absolute catastrophe. These F-in blind sheep praises of his gotta be sucking on some low grade weed or watered down white powder.

WTF are they looking at?? You know the old cliche, the more the son-of-a-bitch lies, they more they believe their own bullshit.

Politico’s playbook lauded President Biden as one of the most “legislatively successful presidents of the modern era” on Sunday after the Senate passed the Inflation Reduction Act. 

“Passage of the Inflation Reduction Act will make Biden one of the most legislatively successful presidents of the modern era. We once noted that the mismatch between the size of Biden’s ambitions and his margins in Congress made it seem like he was trying to pass a rhinoceros through a garden hose. It ended up being more like a pony, but it’s still pretty impressive,” the Playbook authors wrote.

There has not been one single project or undertaking that Kamikaze Joe has initiated which has turned out on a positive note. GMAGFB!!!!!

Politico gushes over the invisible, Candelilla make believe, fairy tale stories, farfetched, hypothetical, accomplishments of Kamikaze. GMAGFB!!!! I have something they can gush over.

I don’t see why they should change their MO now. They bullshitted their way into a presidential victory, so why stop now.

In one respect you have to give these relentless bastards a lot of credit for being absolute experts and professional bullshit slingers. on top of their game with dishonesty and deceitfulness.

As the novice gay guy said on his maiden voyage; the first time I did it was the hardest. The same holds true with crooked politicians and their relentless lying and disillusionment.

Let us wait and see if Kamikaze Joe can really do something productive. If he does I will be the 1st to compliment him, if he doesn’t (true to form) he can expect some boulders to be rolled at him.

Am I F-in Clairvoyant or what. I was just watching ABC News on YouTube and the reporters stated that these Innovations in the inflation reduction that Kamikaze Joe has initiated probably will not take effect for at least 10 years, if that. GMAFB.


As I said earlier in the post, these people are so pathetic in the function of their job that they find it necessary to lie and be deceitful to the public, to keep everybody blindfolded, and hidden from the truth to keep their popularity up. Sad is sad can be.

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