How can we believe anything they say ..

Washington (CNN)

A fatigued, runny-nosed President Joe Biden entered Covid solitude on July 21 with his legislative agenda stalled, a standoff brewing with the House speaker and an unfinished plan to kill the world’s top terrorist with a drone.

I don’t really know if I believe Kamikaze Joe has come down with Covid for the second time. As stated in my previous posts, did the puppeteers have come up with another preposterous tale/bullshit story to deflect his claims that he had cancer. Ever since it has been announced that K J has contracted Covid for the second time, there is very little conversation with his announcement he had cancer.

One of the many pluses for the socia/dumbocrats by keeping KJ isolated, they are able to keep him out of the limelight and have to worry less about his fabricated bullshit stories that constantly plague him.

Come on folks; when it is right there staring you in the face, how the hell can you deny KJ’s mental disorder. It is not only his adversaries that are acutely aware of his spreading tall tales, this has been a pattern of his all his life.

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I have one very important question. HTF does a foul ball like him get elected to the most powerful position in the world (it used to be anyway)???????

One other thing that is undeniable; if Kamikaze Joe was the best that the Democratic Party had to offer, does that tell us anything or is he the politicians that can be manipulated easiest by the big money that really runs the country. Lot of maybes attached to this clown.

I think it is pathetic that we cannot believe everything that is said by government officials the people that are supposed to be our protectors.

SOOOOOOOOOOOO, dose KJ really have COVID for the second time, or is this just another bullshit ploy to keep him out of the spotlight so he cannot get himself in more trouble than he already is??


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