We should start by canceling the cancel culture fools …

As Dave Chappelle fights cancel culture, 3 comedians say free speech will prevail over censorship

Freedom of speech will beat cancel culture, 3 comedians say


Did anyone notice that the thumbs are from a black person?? Anyone offended???

Loosen up – let your hair down – don’t take life so serious – ease up – settle down – relax – calm down – life is too short.

Years ago when society had some sense and was not walking around with a broom stick up their ass, were not a piece of putty in some radical wack jobs hands, allowing their minds to be corrupted/twisted by some radial fools, life was much easier.

No one took offence to having a baseball team or football team named after them – no one took offence to having an auditorium or sports venue named after them – no one took offence when some white actor put shoe polish on his face and impersonated a black person – no one took offense when a little kid darkened his face for Halloween – as a matter of fact these were a form of being complementary. That is until the PC fools slithered out from under a rock and decided that all of these traditions where an insult to the minorities and black community.

You know what I have to say about that, it is all a lot of

Ironically, if I’m not mistaken, it was the jack-offs in the white community who got this PC pathetic ball rolling.

The entire PC culture is nothing but a gigantic joke.

Respectful is the keyword. As we respect others we would like to be respected, that will change the entire world.

Listen to what the old girl has to say, she was quite a lady

This is one big problem with the American people. There is a very large percentage of fools in this country that allow themselves to be pulled around by the ring in their nose like a bunch of helpless, brain dead cattle, by a very small amount of radical fools that always stirring the shit pot for one foolish cause or another. These people must not have anything better to do with their life. For hundreds of years we survive without their imbecilic/ off the wall opinions.

But when we take our behavior and dialogue to extremes, like calling a person a nigger, I would say that definitely is crossing the line.

On the other side of the coin, what would be very instrumental in helping to correct this insult, I would encourage the black community to refrain from using that very offensive/derogatory word and maybe it will become contagious with the rest of the population.

Lighten up folks, let your hair done, relax, life is too short, don’t walk around with starch in your shorts looking for problems do not exist. Unless someone is deliberately insulting you, you have to be like Donald Duck and

Quack – Quack – Quack

Cleveland Guardians??? GMAFB – AYSM???

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